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2019 Community Shredding Day Results | A quick and meaningful thank you to the many clients who participated in our annual shredding day this year. These results clearly show that a substantial and positive impact was made thanks to your support and participation during our Annual Spring Cleaning Shred Event

2019 proved to be our best year yet!

You saved



Nearly one billion trees a year are used for making paper.  One ton of recyclable paper can substitute for approximately three tons of wood or 17 trees.  Recycling paper saves trees!

You filtered


pounds of pollutants from the air from the air from the trees you saved!

One tree can filter up to 60 pounds of pollutants from the air each year!  Reusing two ton of paper can result in the filtering of up to one ton of pollutants from the air.  Recycling paper cleans the air!


You saved




gallons of oil!


Making recycling paper instead of new paper uses 64 percent less energy. 

You saved



kilowatts of energy!


BTU’s, or 4One ton of recycled paper can save 380 gallons of oil, 53.2 million BTU’s, or 4,000 kilowatts of energy. 

You could heat


homes in New York for a year!

Every four tons of recycled paper save the equivalent amount energy to heat an average-sized home in New York State for an entire year.  Recycling paper saves energy and reduces the United States dependence on foreign oil!

You saved


cubic yards of landfill Space!

Paper products make up 40 percent of our trash.  One ton of recycled paper saves three cubic yards of landfill space.  Recycling paper saves landfill space


We look forward to your involvement every year with this important occasion!!




Please join us on May 15th, 2019 and let's make a difference together!


4th Annual Community Shredding Day  This event helps protect customer information and benefits the environment at the same time. Going green is important to our team and provides an important service as well as extra security for our clients.

The members of The Cottonwood Group help create and host this fantastic event that benefits not only our treasured clients but also our precious environment, providing a win on all levels.



Community Pet Event and Fund Raiser | This fun filled, furry and unique event helped raise awareness and funds for Bed 'N' Biscuits Dog Daycare in southern Utah. Hosted by Switchpoint Community Resource Center.

Beyond food and shelter, Switchpoint Community Resource Center is a stepping stone to independence for homeless individuals. A train naturally follows the path of a railroad track, but one simple device is used to redirect them when needed.  This mechanism is crucial for efficiently getting trains to their intended   destinations, a feat nearly impossible otherwise.

The name of  this device is a switch point.

The members of  the  Cottonwood Group helped create and host this fantastic event featuring a pet costume contest, an inflatable photo booth  and a pet communicator. A wonderful way to spend the day volunteering  and making a difference with our furry family members.



Community Shredding Day | This event helped protect customer information and the environment at the same time. Going green recently provided a great service and some extra security for customers of the Wells Fargo Advisors Cottonwood location.

The members of the Cottonwood Group created and hosted this fantastic event that benefitted not only the entire branch, but our treasured clients 

and our precious environment, providing a win on all levels.

Our clients brought enough paper to the event to fill 26 large garbage bins and save 19 trees, or 429 gallons of oil.

Our entire branch came together in getting the word out to all clients, as well as taking shifts throughout the day to make sure that everything was successful and seamless.

We have full confidence that this important and beneficial annual event will continue to grow and improve each year. We are very proud to be part of a team that comes together for the betterment of others on a regular basis.

Equality Utah | This organization held its Seventh Annual Equality Celebration at Kayenta Art Village in Ivins, UT in May of 2017. Each member of the Cottonwood Group was honored and grateful to share so many magnificent experiences and volunteer efforts throughout this celebration of equality.

As we all came together to celebrate, support, and love the differences that make us all so wonderfully unique, we were continuously reminded of just how contagious love can be, and we look forward to spreading the love.

A big thank you to the organizers, staff, volunteers and directors of Equality Utah for allowing our entire team and significant others to be so abundantly involved. Our team wanted to be difference makers during this service venture, and they all helped to make it possible for us to participate on so many remarkable levels.

Equality Utah is a statewide nonprofit organization that works to secure equal rights and protections for LGBT people, such as hate crimes and nondiscrimination legislation.

Utah Food Bank | We want to share with you the impact created when clients, families, and members of the Cottonwood Group of Wells Fargo Advisors volunteered at the Utah Food Bank.

A whole-hearted note of gratitude is due to our clients and families who recently joined together for a valuable afternoon of giving. Together, we volunteered a total of 28.5 hours, with 19 volunteers working for 90 minutes each).

Our group separated and re-packaged approximately 1,500 loaves of bread and also sorted approximately 2,500 pounds of food to be distributed throughout our state to assist those in need.

This event also qualified for the Wells Fargo, 2015 COMMUNITY BLOOMS VOLUNTEER GRANT PROGRAM, a $500 grant will provide the equivalent of an additional 243 meals throughout our community.

We are very grateful to be surrounded by compassionate people who so thoughtfully and generously assisted our team in giving to others.

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When we GIVE of ourselves, we find true happiness.