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Should You Trust the Stock Market Bulls?

All economic forecasts have the same conclusion: 2021 will be positive for global stocks due to no/low inflation, little risk of higher interest rates, accommodative central banks, strong earnings potential, stable growth, herd immunity, etc.

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3 Market Factors to Watch as We Close Out 2020

In a year beset by losses for many families and businesses, and characterized by uncertainties of all stripes, it was a challenging twelve months to say the very least.

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No Wave is Good News For Stocks

While the election is still not certified, and court battles will drag on, it appears that we can draw two firm conclusions from the 2020 election.

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Yield: The Scarcest Resource

The global economy has bounced back robustly from the COVID-induced lockdowns, but the pace of growth is expected to gradually slow.

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The Return of Gasoline Demand

When the U.S shut down in March and April, one of the first economic victims was gasoline demand.