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Second Quarter GDP

Like pretty much everyone expected, real GDP plunged in the second quarter at the fastest pace since the Great Depression.

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“There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

How can Americans go out and buy more when they’re making less? The answer: borrowing from the future through government deficits.

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4 Lessons from the Last Six Months

When 2020 started, two of my biggest event-driven, macro concerns were rising geopolitical tensions with Iran and the potential for a messy run-up to the presidential election.


Sustainability Matters: A Take-Action Moment

Special ReportSustainability Matters: A Take-Action MomentActivate your money for sustainability and impact Jon Hale16 June, 2020 | 1:18AM Diverse group of hands on log When it comes to systemic racism, change has to come from many directions. If you are fortunate enough to be an investor, do not ignore the broader social impact your investments can make.

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Is Technology Now a ‘Defensive’ Sector?

These are the areas of the economy where demand remains pretty steady all the time, even during challenging periods like recessions.

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Dow Jones Cuts 236-Point Gain Amid Trump Comments, As Civil Unrest Continues; Apple Cuts iPhone Prices

The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped as much as 236 points before cutting gains early Tuesday following President Trump's comments, as civil unrest continued across the United States. Dow Jones stock Apple remains in a new buy area after Monday's decisive move, as the current stock market rally continues

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Global stock markets rally as coronavirus vaccine hopes come into focus

Stock markets around the world surged on Tuesday as hopes for a coronavirus vaccine and the easing of lockdown restrictions worldwide drive investors back toward risk assets.