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Reasons for Optimism

While the challenge is great, I would highlight four reasons for optimism - four twinkles of light inspiring my belief that in the end, we will prevail.

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The coronavirus isn’t alive. That’s why it’s so hard to kill.

Viruses have spent billions of years perfecting the art of surviving without living — a frighteningly effective strategy that makes them a potent threat in today’s world.

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When do Markets Bottom during a Crisis?

The stock market, in theory, is a discounting mechanism. In other words, it prices in what’s expected to happen more than what already has. So when prices fall, it’s largely because investors expect the future to be worse than what they had previously assumed.

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CORONAVIRUS: Seven Ways Collective Intelligence Is Tackling the Pandemic

Advances in digital technologies have transformed what can be achieved through collective intelligence in recent — connecting more of us, augmenting human intelligence with machine intelligence, and helping us to generate new insights from novel sources of data.

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FEAR VS. REALITY - Coronavirus

The hard numbers to help you decide: Should I travel? Do I overstock my pantry? And is the world coming to an end? Let’s look at the data on how Coronavirus compares to typical influenza (the “flu”). (SPOILER ALERT: we’re seeing over 1000X more deaths from the regular flu, as of early March.) A brilliant blog on the realities of Coronavirus by Dr. Paul Sax, a Harvard Medical School classmate of mine (now Professor at our mutual alma mater), who serves as clinical director of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. His blog is brilliant. Read it. Share it.