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This Covid Surge Is America’s Longest—and It’s Getting Longer

The American pandemic’s most sustained increase in Covid-19 infections appears poised to get even longer, a worrisome indicator for overworked doctors and nurses.

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Profits Poised for Growth

"The US is tracing out a V-shaped bounce and likely grew somewhere between 30 - 35% at an annual rate, the fastest increase in real GDP for any quarter since at least World War II."


Digital Technologies Will Help Build Resilient Communities

Amid the horrific public health and economic fallout from a fast-moving pandemic, a more positive phenomenon is playing out: COVID-19 has provided opportunities to businesses, universities, and communities to become hothouses of innovation.

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S&P 500 3,650 - Dow 32,500

If you pay close attention to our stock market forecasts, the title of this piece will look familiar.

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Inflation and the Fed

As we near the end of the third quarter, key economic reports will be released that will influence our forecast for third quarter real Gross Domestic Product.