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Every Year Looks Volatile Compared To 2017

Analysis of S&P 500 Index Monthly/Annual Total Returns

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S&P 4,200 - Dow 35,000

In December 2019, we made a year-end 2020 forecast of 3,650 for the S&P 500. With the index closing Friday at 3,638, that looks like a very good call.

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A Snapshot Of The S&P 500 Index Earnings Beat Rate

As we head into the close of corporate earnings season for Q3'20, we thought it would be a good time to review the percentage of S&P 500 Index companies that top their earnings estimates on a quarterly basis.

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This Covid Surge Is America’s Longest—and It’s Getting Longer

The American pandemic’s most sustained increase in Covid-19 infections appears poised to get even longer, a worrisome indicator for overworked doctors and nurses.

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Profits Poised for Growth

"The US is tracing out a V-shaped bounce and likely grew somewhere between 30 - 35% at an annual rate, the fastest increase in real GDP for any quarter since at least World War II."