Hi everyone, welcome to another edition of the CG Education Series:

This episode is geared towards our younger clientele. As you’re aware, we’ve created and refined the Insight FORMula to help you put the pieces of your financial puzzle together, no matter what stage of life you’re in.  Just because you’re closer to beginning of your career, doesn’t mean you can’t set goals and create a path towards (ultimately) the work-optional lifestyle.

Whether you’re just starting a family or buying a home, the topic of insurance often comes up: do I have enough and what type should I get? What if we have kids (or more kids)?  The quick answer is: each situation is different and the Life Insurance world has evolved just like everything else. The options today are much different than what our parents and grandparents had for example, because the world has changed!

The old adage used to be to purchase a Whole Life policy early (because it builds up a cash value), but that’s arguably not the best thing to do for everyone.  Regular Term-Life Insurance can have some great benefits as well:

1)      Offers relatively less expensive insurance

2)      Getting coverage now while you’re younger and healthier can benefit you in the long run

3)      They could help cover taxes in the future for your estate

Now, some of you may need ways to save for retirement with tax benefits outside of the traditional 401k, IRA etc. Life Insurance can help with that in certain situations.  Especially if you’re making a level of income that limits your retirement savings options.  Like I’ve been saying however, each situation is different and our Process is designed to approach each one individually.

Thanks for joining me on this episode and we’ll see you next time!


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